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French Wizard is a French listening website with 320 listening resources across 6 levels, from beginner to advanced. It covers a vast range of themes, from general conversation to French culture.
Each level contains 10 to 12 themes (moi, famille, école, amis, loisirs, voyages, santé, Histoire, etc…) and 50+ resources with a recording, questions / answers, a vocabulary list and a transcript.
Teachers can enrol their class and follow their students’ progress as they complete each listening task. French Wizard provides teachers with the content they need to help their students gain strong listening skills.
Students can practise and improve their listening skills at school and at home by listening to high quality recordings and answer questions in French or English. They can follow their teacher’s directions, or work independently at their own pace.
Why choose French Wizard?
Good listening material is very hard to find. French Wizard specialises in listening resources based on the middle and high school curricula. Our aim is to assist students in gaining enough practice and confidence to get an excellent understanding of the French language and succeed academically. The resources are designed to mimic the conditions of the exam, including note-taking, in order to make the whole process more familiar.
As well as the audio components, we offer questions and answers in English and French, to prepare the students for all kinds of assessments. Students can also access a list of vocabulary to help with their comprehension. Finally, each resource comes with a full transcript, allowing students to listen to the recording again, whilst reading the text. This particular exercise ensures a faster improvement of their listening skills.
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